Call for classes to be held at your location please call -  (808) 235-2284


Toni Baran smoked for 30 years and loved it.

Smoking 3 packs a day, she did not want to stop.

She came to class because her boss "arm twisted" her.



The U. S. Army documents an 77% success rate using the Free For Life - Tobacco Cessation Program.

(50% success rate after one year.)


First class - Prepare to be tobacco free.

Second class - Get rid of tobacco - safe and gentle.

Third class - Dealing with the thoughts of  "just one".

Fourth class - Graduating tobacco free and living happily ever after .. honest.

Classes are suggested for Mondays & Fridays, 6 til 8 p.m. - 2 hours each, twice a week for 2 weeks.

$100 per person or approximately the cost of two cartons.

Fund Raiser for non profit organizations:

When your non profit organization provides the meeting room and promotion, we will share the tuition equally.


To schedule classes at your location, call (808) 235-2284 on Oahu.


Below are a few of the organizations who have enjoyed the Free For Life - Tobacco Cessation Program:

United States Army (11 years), Kamehameha Schools, Eagle Distributors, Castle & Cooke, Unity Church of Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines, Salvation Army, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Straub Clinic & Hospital, Speaker for Health, Lung and Cancer Societies, GTE Hawaiian Tel, Halawa and O.C.C.C. Correctional Facilities, plus, many more in California and on Oahu.

The next public classes will be offered at Unity Church of Hawaii (Diamond Head).

Date to be announced.


For details & class scheduling at your location, call: (808) 235-2284 on Oahu.



July 29, 2011